What’s NGIN?

is a decentralized peer to peer blockchain-end network and serve basic web search service, designed to be used by developers or merchants as not only payment but APP development platform. The search engine can do plenty things. Like google’s services, all from its search egine. So based on the blockchain-end search engine,The Ngin, the developer can build attractive APP and the merchant can safety transaction without consider the source of user. MOst important, the user dont need to consider their info private because on chain it will must be anonymous.

Block Time






Search Engine-based Ecosystem

In this chain, the work of every miner need to do is acting as an "search engine spider", aka PoF(Proof of Fetch), the miner will . While running the mining software, everyone will gather webpage's url & info from a source url which can be desided by miner, and then push these to the blockchain. To get rid of scam on pushing, the blockchain system will check every page and each url & detail. The rule of verification is that the url & page will be sent to each MN, and if passing more than 10 other nodes' check on 10 block, the miner will get rewards. So with consistently pushing sites and detail to the chain, they would gain considerable benefit from chain.

Search Engine-based Ecosystem

Search Engine-based DApp Development

On the Mainnet, Ngin chain not only works as a financial ecosystem but do a backend of internet search engine. The internet search engine will can be used like Google/Yandex, but all period in search is anonymous. And all of anonymous act records, anonymous user-portrait and more which valuable on biz will be write into the chain. So, for DApp developer on Ngin, they can easier develop a wonderful application which meets the market need. In short, save time, do correct and serve more.

Search Engine-based DApp Development


See Ngin Network’s Powerful Features

Fair Mining, distribution

By making the Ngin's algo, M00N, properly GPU resistance, we make sure that everyone can get profit while mining Ngin. M00N is a new algorithm which is following the steps of cryptonight. Neither ASICs nor GPU miners will have big advantages over CPU miners, especially on beginning phase. ASICs are machines created for the sole purpose of cryptocurrency mining while rapidly increasing the block difficulty over time; turning mining for regular devices users unprofitable.

Liberty, privacy, reliability, anonymity and security

The Ngin network, txs, and your account's all cashes are well cryptographically protected (encrypted). Only yourself can control your capital and are responsible for their safety. No one can take them away from you or confiscate them, seize them, deny you access, or restrict your freedom to dispose.

No intermediaries or regulators

Transactions take place through a decentralized peer-to-peer network without any intermediaries. The emissions system operates according to a predefined mathematical algorithm without central control bodies. The protocol emulates central bank.

Openness and accessibility

Ngin is an open and decentralized network. Everyone is welcomed to contribute, participate in mining, development and governance. There are no monthly account fees, there is no need for a bank card, license or permission, – you can download a Ngin software free of charge.


For fair distribution and keep the cost of cash, our team will not do presale(ICO) or premine. We will mining by our compute rigs like other miners. We mainly gain our bonus and salary through the investments from some company.

Fast and safe transactions

Ngin's on-chain transactions are among the fastest - only 10s. After adding the off-chain solutions, the transaction can be instant and 0-confirm. The Ngin network, txs, and your account's cash are cryptographically protected (encrypted).

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