NGIN <ˈenjən> is

N G of InterN.

Decentrailized Application Engine based on Blockchain Ecosystem

What is NGIN?

NGIN is a radically updating brand-new blockchain network, which is not a fork of ethereum or any other chain.

NGIN's goal is to build a blockchain engine which acts more auditable, scalable, security-oriented and supports more network tasks with vm.

NGIN uses modern models - Vault(Block), Account, Multi-type Tx models to build the blockchain ecosystem. And NGIN strictly follow the idea of blockchain, locking items with hash to keep engine work safely. Not only blockchain, but Vault(Block) will also link up to be a chain for account security and powerful functions like fast ignition, free account state and so on. So It's safe and robust like bitcoin and ethereum but more scalable and powerful on the node's operational capacity and p2p network's speed and performance.


ngwallet-dart Open Your CLI Wallet! - simple CLI wallet based on dart

ngwallet-go Open Your CLI Wallet! - powerful CLI wallet based on golang which will be embedded with ngcore

hawkhover Open Your GUI Wallet! - cross-platform GUI wallet based on flutter


ngcore Run YOUR Node! - brand-new golang daemon implement of NGIN node
How to serve a node?

See the daemon usage in github

How to bootstrap a forknet?

See the tutorial in github

NGIN works for enterprise?

We maintain a fork of ngcore called ngbiz which aiming the enterprise level blockchain platform.

Enterprise can clone the codebase of ngbiz and then edit the configurations like chain name and some magic numbers to build a union chain or private chain which deploys and runs blockchain-powered decentralized applications.

The ngbiz(means NGIN Business) is a new try for union chain based on ngcore's codebase, within which we use PBFT replacing PoW consensus.

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