NGIN <ˈenjən>


Ngin Weekly is a blog that will tell all users and developers that what’s going on our Ngin Project/Network, in which we will use words videos or graph to illustrate what we have done and what else need to finished before next Weekly.

Account is temporary and permanent July 21, 2019 Read More

Welcome to this week’s ngWeekly. Do you like our new logo? As mentioned above, we need to talk about the model of the account in the ngin network this week. Account’s content As we said in the last few weeks, we will need to store all the data in the network in the account, so in our design, most of the content is stored in []byte format, in order to ensure scalability, except The original content of this account is kept lean.

What is the Vault July 14, 2019 Read More

Hello everyone, this is NGIN Weekly. balanceSheet is not balance sheet Last week, we briefly introduced the vault architecture we introduced in ngWeekly. Just like the literal meaning, it is the existence of a safe to ensure the security of funds in the main chain. Today we will explain the important thing locked in the vault - balanceSheet. The balanceSheet is a k-v pool that runs and automatically updates the account instances among nodes as the transaction pool storing the txs.

What are we building? July 7, 2019 Read More

This is the beginning of ngWeekly I believe that before you read this NGIN Weekly, you have already got a general understanding of what the project wants to do through our official website and the original whitepaper on github. This week we will make a brief review of the original project and then start to talk about how we are going to design our new backend daemon. Review how Arseniy led NGIN to “errors” Let’s review how Arseniy#8378 led Ngin to “errors”.

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